Jean Espeland - Administrative Assistant, Realtor, Transaction Coordinator

Jean Espeland Headshot

Jean Espeland is a seasoned transaction coordinator with an impressive track record in the real estate industry. With over 20 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, Jean brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of all intricacies in a real estate transaction. Throughout her career, Jean has assisted in over 4,000 successfully closed transactions, demonstrating her proficiency in managing complex deals. Her experience has equipped her with the skills necessary to navigate through various challenges and ensure smooth transactions from start to finish. Her attention to detail, thorough understanding of contracts and legal requirements, and ability to anticipate/mitigate potential issues make her an invaluable asset in any real estate transaction.

Jean's professionalism, integrity, and dedication to client satisfaction have earned her a stellar reputation within the industry. She is known for her exceptional communication skills, responsiveness, and ability to keep all parties informed and engaged throughout the transaction process.

In addition to her real estate experience, Jean is committed to continuous learning and staying updated on the latest industry trends and regulations. She actively seeks out professional development opportunities and engages in ongoing education to ensure she remains at the forefront of her field. 

Beyond her work as a transaction coordinator, Jean is actively involved in her community and enjoys golfing and camping with her husband. With her extensive transactional experience, and unwavering commitment to client success, Jean Espeland is a trusted and highly sought-after transaction coordinator who consistently delivers exceptional results for 303 Property!